Courtyard Montessori Preschool Christchurch

“It is the child who makes the man, and no man exists who was not made by the child he once was.”

Heatlhy Heart
As a community based Montessori preschool our intention is always to celebrate our philosophical identity and uniqueness, standing proud in the excellent service we provide to our community. Our Centre Philosophy expresses the fundamental beliefs, values and ideals by which we at the Courtyard Montessori Preschool choose to operate.

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Philosophy Statement

At the Courtyard Montessori Preschool we aim to awaken the child’s spirit by providing a dynamic link between the child and their environment. In order to achieve each child’s holistic development to the fullest, there must be a strong, trusting relationship between preschool, child, family/whānau and community.

The Montessori prepared environment allows the freedom for children to find their own great work, revealing their inner human potentialities.

We endeavour to explore new ways of being with children that are based on collaboration, wonder and respect for what they bring.

The Courtyard Montessori Preschool embraces the Montessori Philosophy, which supports the creation of a luminous future for a new and peaceful humanity.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to deliver excellence in Montessori preschool education that meets the needs of all the families within its community. Through our commitment to the Montessori Philosophy we will provide an environment that instils a love of learning in each individual child, while fostering the holistic development of body, mind and spirit leading to the fulfilment of each child’s individual potential.


The Courtyard Montessori Preschool that is situated at 99a Somerfield Street has been established since 1990. The preschool is situated on a beautiful established 1500 metre site on the southern side of Christchurch. The Courtyard Montessori Preschool was set up by a group of parents and educationalists determined to bring the choice of Montessori education to Christchurch families.