Montessori Education

At the Courtyard Montessori Preschool we have a mixed age range of children ranging between 2-6 years in each class, so children of these ages and stages of development can work side by side in the environment. Children are free to progress at their own individual rhythm and pace within our non-competitive environment, while values and respect for others is at the heart of our preschool and modelled in our daily Grace and Courtesies that are practiced in informal group situations.

Our Montessori approach is distinctive in so far as it provides a unique cycle of learning designed to take advantage of the child’s sensitive years between 2.3 and 6 when a child can absorb information from our enriched environment. There are periods of intense fascination that children go through for learning a particular skill and it is easier for a child to learn a particular skill during the corresponding sensitive period than at any other time. Thus, our environment and programme takes advantage of this fact by allowing the child the freedom to select individual activities, which correspond to their own periods of interest. Our environment is designed to put the child at ease by giving them freedom within an environment prepared with attractive materials within curriculum areas of Practical Life, Sensorial, Maths, Language, Environmental and Art. Within any of these areas there are activities that vary from simple to complex so that each child can choose and work with activities in any area that fulfil their current interest and curiosity.

In accordance with the stages of children’s development (2-6 years) the preschool actively promotes families maximise the benefits of the third year at preschool where children consolidate concepts, further extend themselves on topics and projects, develop leadership skills and mentor those younger and less capable.