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Making beeswax food-wraps

You need:

* A 25cm square of 100% cotton fabric

* A block of beeswax

* An old grater and board

* An oven tray covered in foil

As part of our commitment towards greater environmental sustainability, we have begun making beeswax food-wraps with the children.

The children chose their cloth and placed it on the covered oven tray. They grated beeswax and sprinkled it lightly over the whole cloth. They placed the tray into the oven at 85 degrees Celsius for 10 minutes (use an old pastry brush to smooth the liquid wax evenly over the fabric once melted).

Hang to cool, then enjoy wrapping and storing food with your re-usable wrap. The added bonus is that they smell divine!

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Shared morning tea with families and our resident rabbits joining in too!

We all enjoyed a lovely shared morning tea with our families on a beautiful autumn Friday morning. The morning tea wouldn’t have been complete without our resident rabbits Pompom and Thumper joining in on a few treats of their own; namely apple! A big thank you to all our families for bringing along some tasty and healthy snacks for everyone to enjoy.

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Autumn clean-up

With the warmth on our backs from the golden sun, our work is fun.

All these children can see, is Autumn leaves surrounding thee, red and yellow, orange and brown. These are the leaves they find on the ground.

They rake and gather, barrow and tip. The compost bin is full to the lip.

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Healthy heart award

We are pleased to announce that we will be participating in the Heart Foundation’s healthy heart award for early childhood education -Tohu Manawa ora – kohungahunga.

The healthy heart award emphasises the positive impact of early childhood nutrition and physical activity on children’s current and future health and development. We trust that you will fully support our involvement in this exciting programme, as your assistance and contribution will help us to achieve our goal. Please look out for future updates.

Have a look at the display on the wall in your child’s cloakroom and if you would like some 2016-02-06 01.27.32inspiration for lunchboxes, room 1 has recipes on a table in the cloakroom. Help yourself.

Our Big Adventure

On Saturday the 2nd of April at 7am Natalie and I set out to walk 100km in Whakatane as part of the Oxfam Trailwalker Challenge. It certainly was a challenge as we tackled muddy hills, river crossings, lashing rain, soggy feet and no sleep, but we made it across the finish line in 28 hours with smiles and cheers all round.  Part of the challenge was also to raise funds to help in the fight against poverty and currently we have fundraised just over $4000 for the cause. We hope you enjoy these photos of our adventure.

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Performing with Poi

Over the past few weeks the children who attend the afternoon sessions in ruma tahi (room one) have been enjoying the art of poi. We have made our own poi, learned to sing and dance with poi and we have even visited a local rest-home to perform for the residents. This was a wonderful experience for the children as they showcased their poi skills to a real audience. Our two song/dance routines which we are becoming quite accomplished with are ‘Ke ringa te roto’ and ‘Pokerekare Ana’.

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Conkers Bonkers

Our beautiful chestnut tree is finally starting to drop the highly treasured conkers.  With excitement the children hunt around looking for those that have fallen.  Some of the conkers are still encased in their spiky shell. So Paula taught the children a nifty trick to hit the conker with a stone until it cracked open. The children had so much fun that they decided they needed to find more conkers. As a solution to the problem they tipped the tallest box on to its end so they could climb up and pluck the chestnuts from the tree.  Good thinking tamariki!

IMG_3146 IMG_3144 IMG_3143 IMG_3139 IMG_3138 IMG_3133

Happy Chinese New Year

Over the past few weeks the tamariki have enjoyed learning about the Chinese New Year. We have investigated the story behind the animals in the Chinese zodiac and you may have contributed your name to the poster,  which has been on display in the entrance way to each room, letting us know which animal of the zodiac you are. We have also cooked pork dumplings and coconut dumplings with the children in the afternnoon class. What a lot of fun we had doing this together, with everyone helping to either grate carrot and ginger, chop cabbage, break eggs into the mix and then to assemble the dumplings. We cooked them up in a steamer and ate them as a picnic outside. Everyone thought they were delicious, even the lucky parents who arrived just at the right time to collect their child and be offered a dumpling.

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Ground to Table

Last year the children planted some potatoes, which have since been dug up and washed. Here they are making potato salad. Each child had a turn to crack the pepper and salt, pick and add the herbs from the garden, and squirt some mayonnaise on to the potatoes to dress the salad. They then invited the rest of the children for a tasting. Yum…went down a treat.

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